Confession Thursday

My friend Meredith who blogs over at Baby Hands does this thing called Confession Thursday. And almost every Thursday she confesses something about herself. So this week I decided I would join her this week… So here goes my confession….

When I wash my hair I don’t use shampoo… I only use conditioner… Now I like to say it’s because it’s better for my hair. Ya know curly hair is thirsty hair and shampoo dries it out… Or makes it too oily… Or whatever other reason why it’s better for my hair to not use shampoo…

But the real honest to goodness reason why I don’t- I’m lazy and I don’t want to take the time to do both shampoo and conditioner…

And I know this because I didn’t use shampoo as a kid either. The minute my mom stopped monitoring my hair washing I stopped using that stuff… And I for sure did not know it was good for my hair then… I was a kid… I just was lazy! And I had shampoo that had to sit in your hair for 5 minutes! For reals that was wasted time in my book so I chucked that stuff to the curb….

Until I was in my teenage years and started using it again. And I have used it ever since until a couple of months ago… When I kicked it to the curb again… Mostly it was because one morning I didn’t have time for both shampoo and conditioner. So the shampoo had to go. And the rest is history!


4 thoughts on “Confession Thursday

    • yes it felt so good to get it out!!! I wanted to join in last week and was going to ask you about it and then when I read your post saying you wanted to hear ours I got excited!
      love you too!

  1. lol! i totally remember the “i don’t want to wash my hair” days of young juliann because “i have to leave it in for 5 minutes” and your mom telling you that you needed to leave it in after we’d go swimming and we’d have to wait for you lol. oh p.s. i discovered dry shampoo.. if you’ve never used it TRY IT! it only costs about 2 bucks and it leaves your hair feeling amazing on no hair washing days.

    • hahaha yes those days were not fun! Oh green hair from chlorine! lol.. I have some of the Treseme dry shampoo but I don’t like it. My hair does not do well when I put in any kind of product when it’s dry though

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