Hey there! Sorry that I’ve been MIA this past week… I just couldn’t come up with anything really worth blogging about. Still haven’t really found anything. But I have a few things I wanted to jot down so I could look back on them in the future.

So Monday night I’m laying in bed trying to fall asleep and my phone rings and it’s my brother Brendan. I debated answering it because it was late and I was trying to sleep. But I decided to answer it. And boy am I glad I did. This was the conversation that ensued (well bits and pieces of it because I don’t remember the exact words, or everything that was said, I just remember this part):
“So I plugged your iPod to my computer for the first time today. I’ve used it a lot but had never plugged it into my computer”
And at this point I’m wondering why I decided to answer the phone. But he continues
“I saw that you named it Laqrisha and I died laughing, and thought only my sister would name her iPod Laqrisha”
Back story to the name… There is a movie called John Tucker Must Die (it’s a silly teenage girl movie, but I like it a lot). And there are these goth chicks and in one of the scenes in P.E. class the coach is calling out names to be on teams and she says one of the goth chicks names and it flashes to her and she says “My name is Laqrisha”. And this quote is one of my all-time favorite movie quotes, and I used to tell people my name was Laqrisha when I would first meet them, not that I could ever keep a straight face while doing it though.
And Brendan has seen this movie, and shares some of my love for it, and he knows about the quote. So when he learned I named my iPod that it was hilarious. So he had to call to tell me about it. And I ended up being glad I answered the call. So we could share in the moment of craziness :).

Also on Monday night (I think this was before the phone call, not entirely sure, I mean I was in bed going to sleep when these things happened so my memory of time and order is a bit hazy) I get a text from Laura (a good friend and part of my Texas family). It said “Lila thanked God for you in her prayers tonight. She even extended her prayers to make sure she included you” (Lila is her 4 year old daughter, and one of my favorite 4 year olds). That text totally made my night. Seriously how sweet is that? So sweet! It’s so encouraging too. To know that the love, attention, and care that you give them means something to them even at that young of an age. (not that if they didn’t show it meant something then I wouldn’t do it because I would). It’s just sweet!


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