Y’all I have been working on a pricing quote allllll dayyy!!!! For reals… Which I am not complaining about because we need the business… My brain is just a little fried because it was a massive pricing quote and had sooo many different aspects to it. Crazzzzyyy!

I pretty much started it when I got to work around 7ish. And I just now finished it and it’s 3! I did take an hour lunch break in between there as well…

Also I may have taken a few small breaks here and there so that I could clear my head and not get confused.

During one of those small breaks I did something awesome! Want to know what I did???? Ok… Ok… I’ll tell you!

I BOOKED PLANE TICKETS TO P-TOWN!!! Yup that’s right I am taking a trip to P-town! Boo-ya!

I’m going in September on my birthday weekend. I knew I wanted to go in September (no one had requested days off in my department at work so I knew I was in the clear) and I figured why not spend my birthday in an awesome place like P-town? With some awesome people whom I miss tons! Seemed like a good idea to me!

Also Frontiers was having this deal for the next couple days that if you buy tickets and fly to or through somewhere in Colorado you get a discount! So I booked those tickets right up! Major win!


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