Picture overload

My weekend in Dallas was a blast! We did a lot in the 1 and a half days we were there. So I’m going to give you a brief recap and then show you tons of pictures and let the places speak for themselves.

Saturday morning we headed out around 6am. We got to Downtown Dallas around 9:45ish. We stopped by the 6th Floor Museum but they weren’t open yet so we couldn’t get info. So we decided to head on over to the Chapel of Thanksgiving first. It was gorgeous! We walked around that area for a bit and then headed back to the 6th Floor Museum. It was packed and I went in to try to find information on it to see if we really wanted to go in, because it cost money and we had the dog so we didn’t want to sneak her in and then get kicked out and lose our money because of her. I could not find any pamphlets, I’m pretty sure they were all gone.

So we then headed out to eat lunch at In-N-Out, oh man so good. I love In-N-Out and seriously wish they would put one where I live… I mean come on there are 15 in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you could totally put one over here too! It was delicious as always!

Then we headed over to Irving to see the Mustangs of Las Colinas. The statues were pretty amazing. We went into the little museum and watched the video about the creation process and saw a two of the different sizes that Robert Glen made of the horses before they were made into the big ones.

Next stop was the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Which were awesomely cool. There was also some kind of parcore or something like that practice going on. Because there was lots of guys and gals jumping all around the steps and doing flips and all these crazy things. It was pretty cool.

After that we headed off to the Hotel to shower and get ready for the Restoring Love Conference (and to drop off the doggy dog). We watched some of the Olympics. And then headed to the event. The event was amazing! We tried to sneak onto the floor level so we (by we I mean me) could touch the turf and take a quick picture. Then this guy that was working the event was like how would you like to walk over to the star in the end zone and take your picture there. We said that would be awesome! So he lead us over there to do that! So nice of him!

Sunday morning we got up around 8ish and ate breakfast at the Hotel… They had a waffle maker there. But it made waffles in the shape of Texas! Which is amazing! I had seen pictures of Texas shaped waffles but had not partaken of one yet. So I was super excited, and it was so much better than just a regular shaped waffle. (I forgot my phone in the room so I didn’t get a picture 😦 sad day)

Then we headed off to the Fort Worth Stockyards to see the cattle drive and walk around. They had an old fashion photo parlor so we took our picture there (which I also don’t have a picture of because we have to find a way to scan it). After we finished touring the area we headed out to eat at guess where?… Yup you guessed it In-N-Out again! (I’m still a bit of a Cali girl at heart). Then we headed home.

Picture time:









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