Big D, Dallas

Hey Y’all! Sorry for the lack of blog this week. I have not been sleeping well, or been feeling all that great. And I just couldn’t muster up enough brain power to write anything worth reading. I tried a couple of times and they were all lame, so I spared y’all the boringness!

But I figured it was high time to kick my brain into gear and power through the tiredness and not feeling good. So here I am! Aren’t you excited? I know I am 🙂

This day is DDDRRRAAAAGGGGIIIINNNN on big time! Pretty sure it’s because I am excited for this weekend. My roommate and I are headed out to the Big D… and I do mean Dallas (song quote anyone? I did change it a bit lol)… Yup that’s right finally taking a trip to Dallas. There is a Restoring Love Conference going on (I think it started yesterday) this weekend. And they have a big event at the Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night so we are heading to that. But we are going up Saturday morning and going to do some sight-seeing, go to the conference that night. We got a hotel for Saturday night. And Sunday we will get up and go see what we didn’t get to Saturday and then head home.

Some things we are going to hit up are: The place where Kennedy was shot, The Chapel of Thanksgiving, The Horses of Las Colinas, and the place that I am most excited to visit

Yup that’s right Dallas has In-N-Out Burger!!!! And this Cali girl’s heart is rejoicing! It has been far far to long since I had me some In-N-Out Burger… It’s been since I went to Vegas in May!… Like I said way way way too long!

So yes it should be a very fun, exciting weekend. Here’s to hoping I get some decent sleep tonight, and kick whatever it is that’s making me feel not so good!





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