Fun-Filled Weekend

Well it was another fun-filled weekend over here in Texas! And I am a little sad it is already Monday… But that is because I went to bed super late last night and did not sleep well… Pretty sure of the 6 and a half hours I could have slept I only slept for half of that… Bummer beans…

Anywho here is my weekend in recap (Also at the end of this post is information about the season finale of The Bachelorette, so if you watch the show and have not watched the finale yet do not read this post until you do).

Friday- Might sound boring to y’all but it was not boring to me… I read 🙂 and I finished the book I had started on lunch that day. It was a cute book. And it put me at 10 books so far this month (I guess I’m making up for only reading 2 last month huh lol).

Saturday- My roommate and I got up early and drove out to the watermelon festival. They had a parade, vendors, food, and a miss watermelon contest and a home-grown watermelon contest. Total small town festival. But it was fun.

I got a free watermelon from the parade 🙂 

Also Please forgive my greasy face, I had SPF 50 sunblock on… gross… But I didn’t get burnt so it was worth it.

Anywho… After the parade we walked around a bit and then ate some delicious food. And we totally forgot to take pictures of our food… I don’t know what we were thinking :O lol… We split a Texas Tator, a BBQ Sandwich, and a Funnel Cake. They were all delicious!

We walked around a bit more and then headed home. We had talked about heading out to the beach since it was such a nice day. But we didn’t get home till almost 1 and we didn’t feel like driving another hour to the beach and then an hour back home when we were done. So we settled on heading out to the pool.

(So funny story about this picture… the toe-nail polish you see is really me opening the picture in paint and putting it on there… you see I need to repaint my toe-nails very badly so I couldn’t show you this picture without doing something to hide the chipped/non-existent polish that was on there lol)

After laying out for an hourish we went back inside. At which point I went over my lesson for youth sunday school the next morning. Then we headed to the gym… And guess what???

… That’s right I ran 3.1 miles. I had been up to running 30 minutes all week but wasn’t willing to push my knee farther on Tuesday and Thursday but Saturday I did. It felt so nice! Now if only I could do it outside… Then we would be back in action for sure!

That night we watched 21 Jump Street. I had wanted to see it since it came out in theaters. And yes I had been told by multiple people it was not a chick movie, that it was a total guy movie… And yes they were right… And yes it was highly inappropriate at times… And yes they used curse words a whole lot…And yes it was very stupid… But despite all that I still found myself laughing at it… And I know I’m terrible for that… And no I would not recommend it as a must see… or even a see at all lol.

Sunday- Went to church… And during worship right at the end of the first song my kick-pedal decided to come apart… Yikes… So I had to real quick try to get it to work just to play through and fix it later, but no it did not want to cooperate at all. So in our next song (which was a hymn, where I’m not really needed) I was trying to mess with it discreetly, so I wouldn’t take away from people’s worship. And I thought I got it in a kind of working order, but through our next song it only worked half the time… super yikes… But I made it through and I don’t think anyone besides the other members of the band noticed.

Then that evening my roommate and I got a Papa Murphy’s pizza (Hawaiian of course). And we settled in to watch the season finale of The Bachelorette. Now my roommate could not care less about the show. But me, I (shamefully) got hooked into this season and was excited for the finale. But I didn’t want to watch it alone so I lured her in with the pizza! I have been Team Jef with one F all the way! So needless to say I was excited for this:


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