Grilled Cheese

So it seems for the last couple years every summer I get addicted to some kind of food or drink. Like really addicted. Kind of like when I find a song I really like and I put on repeat and listen to it all day. But instead of playing a song over and over I just want to eat that food for all three meals, or have a never-ending cup of that drink.

Three summers ago it was corn dogs. I wanted to eat corn dogs for breakfast lunch and dinner. No joke… (gross I know)… For the entire month of July… I ate a whole lot of corn dogs. And then finally I got sick of them and didn’t want them anymore.

Two summers ago I don’t really remember what it was. I’m pretty sure it was vanilla ice cream cones from McDonald’s… (but this was more than just the summer it started the October previous to that summer)… And I didn’t want them for breakfast lunch and dinner… But I did want one every day.

Last summer was blue powerade. I went with some of our youth kiddos to a summer camp, and at our meals it was one of the drink choices… I usually just drink water. But I was already having between 64-96 ounces of water throughout the day, because it was hot and we were outside playing and all that… So when it came to meal times I really wanted something else besides water, but didn’t want soda because of the caffeine… So blue powerade it was… And when I got back from camp I really just wanted to drink it all the time.

This summer…. Can you take a guess at what it is? Yup that’s right, it’s grilled cheese sandwiches. At first it wasn’t bad I wanted one here and there every couple of days. But in the last week it has morphed into full-blow addiction… like the corn dogs were… I want a grilled cheese for lunch and dinner every day (not breakfast because I’ve been real happy with captain crunch in milk lately, but if it weren’t for that I would want them for breakfast too)… I have not allowed myself to eat that many though… well most of the time anyway… )I have had one the last three days…. Don’t judge…) They are just so tasty. 

See doesn’t it look sooo good? Mmm yes it does.

I am interested to see how long this one lasts. Especially since I haven’t actually allowed myself to eat that many (minus the last three days). Hopefully it won’t last that long.


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