So here I am, as promised, to tell you about my weekend :). It was fun-filled! But surprisingly not exhausting!

So first up Friday night! We were supposed to take our youth group to jump zone, or sky-high (not sure on the name) with another church but that got moved to end of August. So instead we took our youth students here:

It was a blast. I love laser tag! I am not very good at it though. The only bad part was there were a bunch of little kids playing with us and they would stay in packs of 3-4 and then come at you, and you had to be careful while trying to get around them so you didn’t trample them. But other than that it was a great time. I got 22nd the first game and then 12th the second game.

Then on Saturday, the roommate and I got up and worked out. Then after showering and stuff we went down to meet Laura, Lila, and Lynne and Lynne’s house. Then we all headed out to lunch at Red Robin (yum yum, I got the whiskey river bbq chicken wrap, and a freckled lemonade, we all said goodbye to our calorie counting for the day) and then to:

We went browsing around seeing all the treasures they had there. They had some fun stuff. They have this desk that I want. It’s real cute, just needs to be sanded and repainted a better color. But they want $80 for it… Way to much for me. If it were say $40 I might think about it. Then after the ReStore we went on over to a thrift store. Where I found a very cute pair of shoes (sorry I don’t have a picture), and a booster seat. I have been wanting to get a booster seat for a while because Lila is always asking to ride with me and most of the time I have to say no (which breaks my heart because she is so sad about it) because I don’t have a seat for her. But now I do 🙂

Sunday, I taught the youth Sunday school. The lesson was about showing mercy and it came from the end of Jude. But I used the entire book of Jude (it’s only one chapter) because it needed context. Then our Pastor talked about giving God control of our lives (always a good reminder).

Then Sunday night Lynne, Laura, Lila, and I went to:

It was sooo good! The costumes were amazing! They had these little one liners that they threw in there poking fun at other movies or musicals that were hilarious. It was just a very good show. It was fun experiencing it with Lila, because she was so excited through it all. She would make little comments about the people and she would sing some of the songs, she was way cute. (I would have had more pictures but a. I forgot my actual camera, and b. they didn’t let you take pictures inside the theater (we took a few before they told us, and they are up on Facebook).





(Note: I got the Laser Quest and ReStore pictures from their websites, and the pictures are linked back to those sites.)


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