Phone Pictures

I’m going to show y’all a very depressing picture… Make sure you brace yourself for it… It’s really really really really depressing… You sure you’re ready? Ok here goes…

Y’all this is so sad… Clouds, Rain, No Sun… For A Week! AHHHHHH! It makes me so sad. And it also makes me feel like it’s winter. I’m going to be honest… I probably will be tanning every other day until it gets sunny again… Because I need me some Vitamin D!

Anywho enough about the depressing weather!

I’ve decided to try out a new app on my phone. (The picture is linked to the apps website)

Lots of people at my church use it and like it a lot. So I decided to try it out. It’s a calorie tracker type sort of thing. I’m not good with diets… When I decide to go on one usually I end up craving every bad thing for me. And the word diet has the word die in it, who wants to do that?… So calorie tracking seems like a better choice… I know I know it’s like the same thing… But to my mind its different… And has a better name! And also it fits more what I’m trying to do. And that is… to eat healthier. So let’s do this!


4 thoughts on “Phone Pictures

  1. I will so trade you weather right now. it’s been in the triple digits in Central Cali all week! Even swimming doesn’ help, it just feels like you’re cooking in soup.

  2. Confession: I am totally ready for fall and winter! Haha. Don’t hate me! I just can’t stand this Louisiana heat…try triple digits plus 100% humidity! UGH! Mosquitoes everywhere!

    • Hahaha I don’t hate you… If we had your weather and all those mosquitoes I would probably be ready for fall and winter too… But I do like hot weather and the sun alot! (I could do without the humidity and mosquitoes for sure!

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