For the last two nights I have been eating Bambi’s mom! Yum Yum! For family dinner on Monday night we had deer roast. I had never had deer roast before (I’ve only had steak, sausage, and deer hamburgers). But it was super tasty! It tasted just like regular roast (which is amazing!). And I got to take some of the left-overs home! So after working out last night I didn’t really feel like making chicken (and chicken didn’t sound all that good) so I decided left-over deer roast it would be. I also warmed up the corn I had cooked the other day and some left-over Spanish Rice from Sunday lunch. I know it’s was a weird mix but it was left-over mash-up day (Note: I didn’t mash anything together).

And now I have a confession to make… I have been watching The Bachelorette this season… I started because a couple of the blogs I read kept making mention to a guy on the show named Ryan who was so arrogant and cocky and they wanted him gone. So I decided to check out an episode… And I got hooked! (And Ryan was a total Jerk! Every time he started talking I wanted to punch him! I can’t believe she kept him around as long as she did).

I have been team Jef since I started watching. I just think they work best together. She seems to have the most balanced relationship with him (between non-physical and physical). With Arie it seems to be all purely physical. Sean is the embodiment of a Southern Man- good-looking, nice body, sweet as can be, protective, etc. And I was sure sad to see Him go. I thought He and Jef were going to be the final two. It was a major shocker when she gave Arie the rose instead. Especially since all the spoilers seemed to think Arie was going home. But it’s ok because she should seriously just pick Jef!


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