How cute are these pups? Way cute! I meant to share this picture with ya’ll yesterday but my post took a different direction at the end, so I thought I would share it with you today. My mom sent it to me on Friday while I was at work. This is Nora Jane and Emma Kate (from left to right). Nora is only 9 months old (I’m pretty sure). She is already 90 something pounds I think. She is a big girl! I’m excited to meet her at Thanksgiving. And of course I am excited to see Miss Emma Kate and have her jump all over me every time I leave the room! (Also I really want to be in the sun in that pool right now, especially since it rained all day yesterday, is raining today, and is supposed to rain all week here 😦 lame).

Besides sending me way cute pictures of the pups and taunting me with the sun and pool, my family learned the ropes of Facetime this weekend. Now, we already used Skype, so you would think this was not a big deal… But apparently Facetime is so much cooler than Skype (according to them… I think it’s the same thing). One of my brothers, Brendan, has an iPhone now from work, and He had won an iPad from his work but gave it to my mom. And my mom’s best  friend Nancy has an iPad as well. On Friday while my roommate and I were watching the movie my phone was in my purse in my room (it had been there since I got home). So after the movie I went to check it and I had 2 missed Facetime calls from my mom’s iPad, and 3 missed Facetime calls from Brendan’s phone (he was at home with my parents) and a text from Brendan saying it’s fine that you don’t want to Facetime with me. I was like for reals people? 5 calls? Crazies! So then the rest of the weekend I ended up getting several Facetime calls from them a day. I guess because Facetime is mobile (as in on His phone and my Mom’s iPad so they can be anywhere to use it) it’s easier and cooler for them, but I don’t know.

Side note: Please don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fun to use Facetime or Skype to talk to my family, it makes it more personal and I get to see the animals and all that as well. I like doing it so I’m not complaining about that… I just thought it was funny that they went all crazy and thought Facetime was the coolest thing since sliced bread when it really is the same thing as Skype and we have been doing that for quite a while now.


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