Silly Rabbit… Trix Are For Kids… (warning long post ahead)


Can you tell what I had for breakfast?? I have been all about cereal with milk lately… Which is super weird because I don’t really like milk. But I’ll take extra calcium and vitamin d anytime!

Anywho… I had a pretty good weekend! Friday night my roommate and I watched the movie Contraband. It’s a pretty good movie but it’s super intense. Then I read half a book (no big deal lol :)).

Saturday morning we went to the gym… (finally)… I hadn’t gone in like 3 weeks, so it felt super good to get back in there… But I could only go 15 minutes on the elliptical.

Then after eating and showering and all that we headed out to go shopping. First stop was Half Price Books! (I just love that store). I got 8 books for $1 each. (We had to rearrange a bunch of books for more room on our bookshelf… going to need another one soonish lol). Then went over to good Ol’ Wal-Mart for some necessities, and groceries. And not so necessities… Like this…
Hehehe PURE GOLD right here! Background story: I have been wanting a work out dvd for a while. Because sometimes I really don’t feel like going to the gym, or I don’t have time, but I really want/need to work out. So I knew a work out dvd would solve that problem. So I put it on my list of things to get at Wal-Mart. But they didn’t have a very good selection (apparently lots of people wanted work out dvd’s recently). And then I saw this one… And really you can’t pass this up! “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” on dvd! For reals you have to just get it! So I did.

After Wal-Mart guess where we went?……. PetsMart!!! Why you ask? To get a new fish. When my fish died 😦 a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t really plan on getting another one. So the bowl has just been sitting on the counter empty since then. Seeing it empty always made me want another fish to put in it. I didn’t give in to that want, I was ignoring it… But then my roommate got back, and every time she walked by it she would say “Aw how sad, you need another fish.” And after a few times of her saying that she convinced me… He was only $2 (they were on sale… it was meant to be!!)

This is Clyde. Isn’t he so pretty? I think so! He is blue with some greens and one red fin and he is pretty iridescent as well… He is real small (smaller than my last fish when I first got him). But here’s to hoping he lives to grow big and strong!

Then for the rest of the day I read the other half of the book I started Friday night and then the entire next one in the series. So total a book and a half on Saturday… Crazy huh?

Then Sunday was church… and boy oh boy let me tell you… Our service was an amazing thing. God was with us in that place for sure! From the music to the message He was there! And I am so thankful for that! Thankful that he chooses to work in our lives. Thankful that He allows us to experience Him through times like that. I really wish ya’ll could have been there… It was powerful!

I am also thankful that He answers our prayers. Ya’ll know I play drums the drums for our worship team. But what you may not know is that I love to sing songs to the Lord, it’s one of my favorite ways to worship Him. But I can’t play drums and sing at the same time (I’m not that good)…. So sometimes I miss being able to just sing in that part of our service….

But I know using my gifts the Lord has given me (i.e. knowing how to play the drums, and doing so for our worship team to help lead others in worship) is worshiping the Lord as well. So I try to always pray before I play that the Lord would A. that the Lord would accept it as my worship since I can’t sing and play and B. that He would play through me. But sometimes I forgot to pray this before we start. And sometimes I pray it but I’m just praying it because I know I should (I’m not perfect… I’m a sinner saved by grace).

This Sunday was one that right after we practiced for church I started missing just being able to sing. It wasn’t because I don’t like drumming… because I do… and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to be drumming for service… because I did… I just wanted to worship the Lord through singing. Then the Lord lovingly bopped me on the head with an epiphany, and here it is…

I pray that the Lord would accept my playing as worship since I can’t sing and play. But I don’t make it my worship. I don’t approach playing as I approach worshiping the Lord. I haven’t been turning my knowledge into belief and living it out. Instead I’ve been sulking and missing out on a new way to experience the Lord. I’ve been allowing the enemy to stifle my worship of the Lord. Bummer beans…

I am so thankful the Lord knows we are sinful and sent Jesus so He could give us grace! Because I need a bunch! So here’s to changing my attitude toward playing the drums for the worship team and giving God the Worship and Glory He deserves!


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