Ah… I Work Out….

I have LMFAO’s song “Sexy and I Know It” song in my head… As you can probably tell from the title… But the truth is I haven’t been working out… For like 3 weeks or so… :O I know shocker… And it’s pretty terrible. My legs are even telling me they need some exercise it’s been so long. Here are my excuses The first week I was just plain busy, the second week I was busy but more just lazy, and the third week just plain lazy. Hopefully I can get in the gym soon.

I have to keep telling myself it’s Thursday. Because it seriously feels like a Monday. But yesterday felt like a Saturday…. So basically my days are really thrown off (and I might be a little crazy).

Anywho… I had a wonderful 4th of July. Did y’all? I slept in, did some cleaning around the apartment, and then headed out to Lynne’s house. Then we all (Jess, Laura, Lynne, Lila, and I) headed out to the pool and David came and joined us there. We were by the pool for a couple of hours. I did a mix of sitting on the side of the pool with my feet in sunning myself and getting nice and hot and then getting in the pool to swim and cool down a bit and then would repeat that process :). It was majorly nice.

Then we all headed back to Lynne’s to eat some snacks and then some delicious burgers. I ate way too many snacks (dip, and fruit mainly). Then we started playing cards of course! But I had to leave right before the last hand to go pick my roomy up from the airport.

On my way to the airport I got to glimpse some fireworks in the sky. They were so pretty. But then I caught a glimpse of the moon. Y’all it was just coming up and was HUGE like for reals, pretty sure it was a super moon. I wish I could have gotten a picture. In addition to being huge it was like harvest moon orange. It was beautiful! And I was then torn between glimpsing fireworks or glimpsing the moon. And I’m pretty sure the moon won most of the time. Man oh man it was so pretty. (note: I say glimpse and glimpsing because I was paying attention to the road and as I would check my mirrors I would see the moon or fireworks out of the corners of my eyes).

After we got home we chatted for a bit. I gave the dog some attention (I kind of missed her :)). And then we went to sleep. Which I wish I had more of because this morning I’m dragging a bit… Not as much as I thought I would though… But yes, that was my 4th of July.


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