No Soda, 4th Excitement

Day 1 of giving up soda/tea was a success. I did not drink any soda yesterday. I did have 1 cup of sweet tea, but it was Monday so it was ok. I was proud of myself for limiting it to one cup, and it was only a red solo cup full. Then I switched back to water. We will see how day 2 (today) goes. I already have a lack-of-caffeine headache this morning and am super sleepy. But I’m going to power through. I just keep telling myself I get to sleep-in tomorrow 🙂

I’m excited that I have tomorrow off. Not only because I get to sleep in but because we will be hanging by the pool. And I haven’t done that in a couple of weeks. So I am really hoping it is just plain sunny tomorrow… no clouds… no rain… just the good ol’ sun!

I am also excited for tomorrow because my roommate and her dog gets back! Wa-hoo! The apartment has been so lonely without them… Not that I’ve been there much… But when I was there it was lonely.

Hope ya’ll are excited for the 4th as well!


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