Full Of Random

I have a new love… In music that is… It is… The Boyce Avenue Pandora Station. If you ever use Pandora to listen to music seriously try out the Boyce Avenue station. It is A-mazing! I’ll turn it on in the car when there is nothing good on the radio. And I end up taking at least 2 screen shots of my phone so I can remember I songs name or a band’s name…. So good!!

Last week I drank so much soda and tea… Like a lot… The tea I’m blaming on the fact that it was the last week in National Sweet Tea Month… So I had to drink a lot right? Well… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!… And the soda I had everyday for lunch… Because I was so tired I needed it to get through the afternoon at work in a semi-functioning state… So this week… and the weeks to come… No more soda!… Notice I didn’t say no more tea too…. Because I can’t commit to that… But I do commit to only drinking it on Sunday’s and Monday’s, and if we are playing cards on a weekend evening I might drink some then… But that’s it!… Water water water for now 🙂 (Also bring on the caffeine headaches… NOT!)

I finally broke down and bought my old brand of tanning lotion… And my oh my I am so glad I did. I went tanning yesterday… And afterward I couldn’t stop smelling my arms… That tanning lotion smells sooo good!… Mmm makes me want to go tanning more… Which might be bad thing, so I’ll have to limit myself.

We played the Star Spangled Banner in church on Sunday… That marks the first time I have played that song on the drums in over 12 years… Yikes… Needless to say I did not remember the snare part (especially since I always played the bass drum for that song). I remember they roll through at least part of it. But I don’t know the other beat at all…. So guess what I did?…. That’s right I made it up! I just played (and hoped it sounded good) through it… It worked out fine in my opinion. 🙂

Well I guess that’s all the random I have for you today…. If you tracked with me this far I’m impressed 🙂


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