Banana Phone

Well…. Last night was the last night of VBS. I had a blast hanging out with my 4 and 5 year olds all week. They are beyond adorable! And they were such good kids all week long, a few meltdowns, but overall they were awesome.

It was so fun getting to be their teacher for their first ever VBS. To watch them sing and dance to our songs. To march from one session to the next saying our bible verse. To hear them answer questions correctly about our story (which we did first) at the end of the night (they are some smart kids for sure!). To see the excitement in their eyes as they arrived each night. Lots of memories were made and I will be cherishing them in my heart for a long long time!

And now the weekend is here… I have no idea what I’ll be doing… Well that’s not actually true. I know that tonight I’ll be at the church helping to take all the VBS decorations down. I also know that Sunday is church and then we are having an indoor Patriotic Picnic. And I know that I will be doing laundry and cleaning the apartment not because it’s a disaster (it’s not), but because it’s just time to clean the bathroom and vacuum and scrub the kitchen. Other than that though I have no idea what I’ll be doing. My guess is that there will be some card playing, some pool time, some hanging out, and probably some late nights. 🙂 I hope ya’ll have a good weekend!


(Ps I know that my title has nothing to do with my post… I ate a banana this morning and have been singing “banana phone” since, so it stuck! lol)


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