I want another tattoo… Like really badly…. And I don’t really know why my want of another tattoo has gotten pretty strong in the last couple weeks… Maybe it’s because I have been wearing flip-flops all the time and so I see the one I have more (and I still fall more in love with it every time I look at it)… Or maybe it’s because it’s summer and for some reason I think tattoos are more fun in the summer (don’t know where this thought came from either)…

I also don’t know why my want of another tattoo has gotten pretty strong in the last couple weeks because… I don’t know what I want a tattoo of… I have absolutely no ideas… Zip, Zilch, Notta… And the last two ideas I have had I was really excited about them and was having a friend draw them out (and they looked awesome) but then after a month or so I didn’t want it anymore (I take a while to really think about whether or not I want a particular design as a tattoo, after all it is going to be on for a very long time)…

I also don’t know where I would put it… The last two designs were going to go on the back of my right shoulder… And I think I still want one there, but I don’t know that in this “tattoo wanting” stage that I want it there… I have seen some really cute inside of the wrist tattoos… And it sorta makes me think I want one there… But I would have to wear long sleeves to cover it up (if I ever needed to for a job or something else) and I don’t want to be restricted in what I can wear because of a tattoo (Can you imagine having to wear long sleeves in 100+ degree weather? not fun!)…

So if I don’t know what tattoo I want, or where I want it… Then why do I want one so bad….?

Beats me.


2 thoughts on “Tattoo

  1. The answers to your curiosities are simple.. you want a tattoo because you miss me and you want to get my name tattooed on the back of your neck! …Ok maybe not, but i think neck is cute because if you want to cover it you can just wear your hair down. I also like the ones behind the ears

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