What A Hoot!

So my co-workers and I have been such a riot today… We are being like giggly teenage girls today. Probably because we are tired and apparently more funny than normal today. But for reals all morning long we were laughing and talking through the office walls instead of getting up to go to each others offices or using the phone.

Also when you find pictures like this, it’s hard not to laugh out loud and share it with each other.

linked to the pin on pinterest

And man oh man when I first saw this picture I laughed out loud (like really loudly). And then I sent it over to Clara and waited to hear her response. I could hear her laugh all the way from my office. So then I laughed even harder (to the point where I was crying I was laughing so hard). Then Clara sent it to Lynne and Lynne told us we were bad. Which it’s true we are… This picture is terrible… But yet soooo funny.

It’s just one of those days… 🙂


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