VBS and Random Musings

My church’s VBS starts today. Which means I will be spending my evenings this week with some awesome 4 and 5 year olds! I’m pretty stoked about it for sure! Our theme is Sonrise National Park. So in my little classroom area I set up a cave, and put a tree on the wall with some other poster’s and things as well (pictures of those things will have to come in a later post since I haven’t taken them yet).

I also made these super cute bear face mats for them to sit on (I got the idea from my teacher’s guide).

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 2 and a 1/2 yards of the dark brown felt and then I think a yard of the light brown felt to make them. To make the face I put a big bowl on the brown felt (which I had folded over so I could cut two out of each outline) and made a circle around the bowl on the felt (I was using a permanent marker so I didn’t want to trace the bowl and get marker all over it, especially since it wasn’t my bowl). Then I cut those all out, not really trying to make them perfect circles because bears faces aren’t perfect circles right? Then I had printed out a cartoon bear face that I liked and I cut off the ear so I could trace that on the light brown felt. And I cut out the nose mouth circle from the face I had printed to use for that outline. Again I had the felt folded over to make two at once (saved so much time) and I cut away again. Then I used hot glue to glue the circle and the ears on. To make the nose and mouth I used a huge sharpie marker and then I just used regular old white acrylic paint to free hand the eyes.

I think they turned out super cute. And one of my kiddos who saw me making them (because I was making them at her house :)) is already super excited to sit on them!

I also have this awesome vest to wear (that Lynne made for me, she is so awesome!) so that I can be a Ranger!

I just printed out the patches and stapled them on there. The Sonrise logo and the husky will stay on there all week and the little Peace patch will change daily to the patch for the day.

It is going to be a fun-filled week! If you think about it during the week and wouldn’t mind we sure would love your prayers that the Lord would work during this week in the lives of all the children who come!

And before I leave you until next time I wanted to share with you something that happened this morning… (The so-called random musings).

So this morning I was trying to print a letter on our letterhead to send out with some reinsurance agreements. And the copier/printer/scanner that we have, was not printing them right (and we couldn’t figure out why it was doing what it was doing). So I had two misprinted letters in my hand and I was talking to a co-worker about the whole situation and I started ripping the letters (I mean why not they were messed up and going in the recycling bin anyways). So I was ripping away and I happened to look down at the pieces and saw this piece…

Can anyone guess what it looks like??? If you guessed California, you would be so correct! I wasn’t even paying attention to how I was ripping and it just so happened to come out like this. So I had me some California loving this morning!


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