I talk a lot about books. Mostly I’ll say “I like the book I’m reading” or I’ll tell you how many books I’ve read so far this year, or lately how my best friend Normy and I are reading books together now.

So I thought I would put together a picture with all the books I have read so far this year. The total is at 40 (only one of those has been read this month… :O shocker I know, but I just haven’t had that much time to read this month). But here you go

There have only been 6 books I did not particularly like. Those are Open Season by Linda Howard, The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins, The Solitude of Prime Numbers, and Cover Your Assets by Patricia Smiley.

My favorites have been the Bobbie Faye Series (Bobby Faye’s Very (very very very) Bad Day, Bobbie Faye’s (kinda sorta not really) Family Jewels, and When A Man Loves A Weapon), the Jersey Barns Series (Southern Fatality, Southern Poison, and Southern Peril), The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series, The Witness by Nora Roberts, and The Lola Series (Living La Vida Lola, Hasta La Vista Lola, and Bare-Naked Lola).

Ok so that is almost all of them. And really I could probably name the other ones (except for the ones I said I didn’t like) as favorites too. They all are really good books.

The next book on the list for Normy’s and my book club to read is The Husband by Dean Koontz. I’m hopefully picking it up today. And I’ll let you know how it is after we finish reading it!


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