It is summer (a couple days is close enough), and it’s 80 degrees outside… So tell me why I am bundled up in a sweater freezing my butt off (so cold my bones even hurt when I get up to walk) contemplating whether or not to go and make some hot chocolate with andy’s mints? (Especially since I think I drank hot chocolate only 2-3 times the entire winter this past year…) I’d say it’s a little backwords, wouldn’t you?

Up until yesterday it was a pretty nice temperature in my office, I would go to Lynne or Clara’s office (their offices are next to me and one over) and I would get cold, but my office was nice. But I think the building people switched the air to the summer time temperature (because I froze last summer too). Because yesterday I walked in at 6:55am and it was already cold, which is weird because usually the air doesnt start till 7am. So after work (since I froze all day) I went tanning to get warm down to my bones. I don’t know what I’ll do today since I don’t want to tan two days in a row.

Oh well. I’m done complaining now.

In other news I am really enjoying the book I am reading. It’s a mystery thriller with some romance thrown in there. It’s good. I think I’m also enjoying it so much because my best friend Normy and I are reading it at the same time at pretty much the same pace. So we get to discuss often who we are suspicious of and why. It is quite fun!

Also I got 8 hours of sleep last night! It was awesome! And I feel slightly less tired today. But I am no longer Grumps McGee. Praise the Lord! (I really don’t like being Grumps McGee.)


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