Friday’s Letters

Dear Lord-Thank you. For placing wonderful people in my life (friends and family included). For helping me get up in the mornings to spend time with you (forgive me for the times I ignore that help and simply go back to sleep). For a nice apartment to live in. For muscles and bones that allow me to work out. For the sun and warmth. For life, good and bad.

Dear Summer- I simply love you. For lots of reasons. First because of all the fruit that is ripe and sweet. Second for the sun and warmth that it brings. Third because I get to see my tattoo so much more since I can wear flip-flops daily. (And for reals I love getting to see my tattoo)

Dear Self- Please stop desiring a tattoo on your wrist. You don’t want to have to wear long sleeves all the time to cover it up. Besides what would you even put there? Nothing. See? So stop.

Dear Keeli- Congratulations on graduating from pre-school. I can’t believe you will be starting kindergarten in August. You are getting so big! You have such a good heart, and I miss you so much! Love you baby girl!


One thought on “Friday’s Letters

  1. I agree you might need to make do with the tattoo on your foot, one on your wrist would be a lot harder to cover up. But then why should you feel you need to cover it up, its your body you can do what you like 🙂 Have a fab weekend

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