So lately I have been wanting to learn how to eat more veggies than I do. I know “learning” how to eat veggies seems like an odd concept. But for me that’s how it is. I have never really liked veggies, with the exception of corn and artichokes (which neither count because they are usually covered in butter).

But in the last two years I have learned to like carrots. Raw carrots, not cooked carrots (unless it’s in stew where they taste like everything else, and roasted carrots aren’t too bad). And in the last couple months I have learned to like salad. I have always eaten salad on and off, but mostly I would need a crouton with every bite and lots of ranch. But now I only need a tiny bit of ranch and a few croutons (I still put a lot of croutons but it’s because I just love croutons, not because I don’t like salad).

How did I learn to like them? Well it first started with a realization. When I was a kid veggies were nasty. Either the thought of them grossed me out or I really thought they were gross, I don’t know I just didn’t like them (my parents did make me try them, and fairly regularly, so you can’t blame them).

 But I’m an adult now and supposedly your taste buds change as you get older. So I thought I should start trying veggies again. But because I had disliked veggies for so long when I would go to try them, the thought of not liking them was present in my head. So I would take a bite of carrot already thinking “this is gross” before it even got in my mouth. And when I realized this, I realized hmm I might actually be able to like veggies, I just needed to change my thinking.

So when carrots would be out at a party, or before lunch to snack on I would eat a few. And instead of thinking “this is gross” I would think “I like carrots, these are good” or something to that effect. It was hard, and I used a lot of ranch to get them down at first. But it got easier, and now I really prefer them without ranch. The salad thing was kind of the same thing, but having eaten it on and off growing up it was a little easier. And now I prefer a bowl of spinach over other kinds of lettuce.

But that is only two veggies. And I’ve liked them for a while now. So I figured I should probably start trying with another veggie. I decided to start trying with cucumbers and tomatoes. And by start trying I mean I started today. I put them both on my salad. I ended up picking pretty much all the tomatoes off, couldn’t do them today. I’ll keep trying but that one might not work (like brocoli will never work, I really don’t like broccoli and it’s not just my head, it’s my taste buds).

But that brings me to Cucumbers (and the point of this post). And I have a bone to pick with all of you out there! Why in the world did no one ever tell me that cucumbers taste like watermelon just not as sweet? Huh? Maybe they taste melon-y in general, but I like watermelon so I’m sticking with that one. And from now on when someone pondering whether to try cucumbers or not asks what they taste like I will compare it with melon flavor, especially if they like melons, because that will help them try them and like them!

So there you have it, I like cucumbers, and it didn’t take me a long time to like them, just the first bite. I did make sure the “this is gross” thought was far from my head when I put a piece of cucumber in my mouth though.


2 thoughts on “Cucumbers

  1. Hahaha or goodness.. I am reminded of when we were kids and my parents would serve you Mexican chicken soup.. You would just eat the chicken and leave all the vegetables lol. Cucumbers are delicious and they’re even more delicious with lemon and salt (and/or chili powder)!

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