Whaaat Upppp?

Hey yo! Notice anything different? Well you should! I updated my blog theme…. Aka the background/colors/date/how the site looks…. I finally did it. I’ve been wanting to do it for awhile now. But wasn’t sure how to do it first off, and second off scared that if I changed it to something I didn’t like I wouldn’t be able to get the first one back. Also I liked the picture it gave me. It seemed Texany (I know that’s not a word). But after a year and a half of having a blog I finally embarked on the adventure of figuring out how to get a new theme. And it turns out it was so simple. And isn’t this one so cute? I think so!

So last night guess what I did?
a. sat around and moped (as in being depressed/sad not as in using a mo-ped)
b. ate absolutely everything in sight
c. ran 2.0 miles and then caught up on tv shows.

If you guessed answer c you would be correct! Ding Ding Ding We have a winner! Yes it is true I did run 2 miles, it was on the treadmill. But that is still good, especially considering I have not run in a month (probably more like a month and a half-two months). I have just been on the elliptical. But as you know from Friday’s Letters I wanted to get reaquainted with running. And I’d say I accomplished that! It felt so good! Running is such good therapy!

Also a little side note about answer b…. Eating everything in sight would not have amounted to eating much, because I have not been to the grocery store to get food for my cupboards and fridge in a very long time. I’m even running out of top ramen…. That’s how you know you really need to go grocery shopping…. I just haven’t been home. For reals I was only home last week for 2 meals. That’s it… So I haven’t wanted to go and buy food since I’m not home like ever. It will just go bad…. But it makes for tough times when I actually am home. So I will probably go soon. Like Thursday….

Ya’ll I have a new song that I absolutely love! Like a whole lot! And guess what? Starting tonight we are starting to learn it to use as a worship song in church on Sunday’s! Bahhhhh SOOOOOO excited! You can listen to the song here. Did you go listen to it? Ok for reals don’t read any further till you go and listen to that song! Isn’t it soooo good? Yes I agree it totally is!

Also I really like the new Maroon 5 song. It’s called PayPhone (I don’t like the one featuring Wiz Khalifa)…. And I don’t know why I like it. It’s just a fun song. Although I do like the clean version better (the link is for the clean version). Mostly because there is no need for the expletive in it. But I knew the first time I heard the song that the clean version was on the radio.


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