Today was the big GRE day… And I hardly did better than I did the last time. I got one point less on the verbal than I did last time, and on the quantitative reasoning section I did two points better. I won’t get my analytical writing scores back for 10-15 days, but I do feel like I did way better on those than I did the first two times. But I won’t know for sure until I get my scores in the mail. (Since I took the computer-based test the computer gives you your verbal and quantitative reasoning scores when you finish the test, but real people read your essays so you have to wait for those scores).

I am bummed, because not doing better means I am taking it again in August.

But I am thankful because the Lord answered my prayers. I asked that He would help me recall all the things I studied while I was taking the test. And He did! So why didn’t I do better? It’s because a lot of it I didn’t need (on this test that is, they have differing amounts of questions on each topic on each test) and some of what I studied kind of helped but the question was taking it steps farther than what I had studied and I didn’t know how to do that.

But nevertheless I’m thankful that He answered my prayers. And I did get 2 more points on the math sections than I did last time. So again thankful!

And now this blog will be GRE free for at least the next month. (I hope…). 🙂


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