He’s A Goner

So if you happened to read my Friday’s Letter post, you will know that my fish was acting all depressed, and like he was dying. And in my letter to him I kindly asked him to start acting like his normal feisty self, unless he was actually dying.

And if you read this blog regularly then you know I talk about my fish quite often. How I got him for my birthday shortly after I moved to Texas. How much he has traveled with how busy I am. So you would know I like my fish a great deal.

Well, I am sad to announce that on Friday I came home to a very dead fish. :(. Super bummer. Because a. I really liked him and b. dead fish seriously gross me out. So after a pep-talk from my mom and a pep-talk from myself I quickly poured him into the toilet and flushed. And he must have died shortly after I came home on lunch to feed him on Thursday, because he stunk really bad already. So I sprayed a bunch of febreeze and turned on the fan and closed the door to get rid of the smell. I also quickly washed out the fish bowl so it wouldn’t smell either.

I’m still getting used to walking by an empty fish bowl. Because for reals, every time I would walk by him I would either stop and talk to him (I know I’m weird since I talk to my fish) or I would just look at him as I was walking by. And now it’s just a bowl with his toy in it and no water. 😦

So if any of you need betta fish food, either the flakes or the pellets let me know. I have 2 probably more than 3/4 full little containers of the flakes (I had one from when I got him, got the other one from a friend when her fish died, and then probably a little less than a year ago I stopped using the flakes and switched to the pellets because he liked them better), and I have a container of the pellets that is only missing 8 little pellets since I just bought it Tuesday. So if you want it let me know and I’ll send it on over to you! (Also if any of you live where I live and would like the bowl, let me know and I’ll bring it to you, but since it’s glass I can’t mail it anywhere)


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