Dear Lord and Non-Human Things :)

Dear Lord: Thank you for allowing the traffic to be super light this morning so that I could get to work at a decent time, even though I forgot to set my alarm last night

Dear Running Outside: (or just running in general): I have missed you dearly. It’s been too warm to go outside, and the treadmill has not seemed like much fun. But the elliptical machine is just not the same. So let’s get reaquainted shall we?

Dear Fog in My Head: I understand that I forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up late this morning. But it’s not that big of a deal, so could you please clear so I can think clearly and not feel off? It would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Lunch: I have absolutely no idea what I want to eat for you. Probably has something to do with the fog in my head, and not being too hungry yet. But still I need to decide quick since you are in 15 minutes.

Dear Tanning Bed Burn: Why do you itch so much more than a regular sun burn?

Dear Week: You have been filled with fun times! And I have enjoyed you!

Dear Florida: I am looking forward to meeting you soon! Stay warm and beautiful!

Dear Fish: I know you miss my roommate, and I know you haven’t seen much of me this week, but please quit being depressed looking like you are dying (unless you are really dying that is). I fall for your tricks every time. But I would rather not worry about you, so what do you say, can you act like your normal feisty self?


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