50th Post

Yup that’s right this is my 50th Post. Can you believe it? I think all but 3 or 4 of those 50 have been from this past year of blogging regularly. And to those of you who continue to read this blog, thank you! Without knowing it (maybe you do know it) you are helping me to use my voice (something I continue to struggle with doing). So thanks a bunch!

Anywho… Are you ready for my weekend recap? Here goes….. It was…… Wonderful :). I hung out with good friends for most of it. Watched a couple of movies (“New Years Eve”, and “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”). Swam some. Got some sun time in (while swimming). Played lots of Progressive Rummy. Church. Had a good time with my Bible study partner (just getting to know each other since I didn’t do my homework… woops :)). For reals really wonderful!

So the movie Extremely Loud and Incredible Close is very good. But it is a tear jerker. You will for sure need tissues on hand. It’s about a little boy and His mom who lose their dad/husband in 9-11. The boy finds a key in an envelope in a vase. The envelope has the name Black on it. So the little boy goes on a search for what the key belongs to and does so by going to all the people with the name Black. He thinks finding what the key goes to will help him make sense of why people would fly an airplane into a building, and why his dad died in 9-11 and all that. It’s really good. Watch it!

One week from today. June 12th. I will be submitting myself to 4 and a 1/2 hours (I think that’s how long it is) of torture. AKA the GRE. That’s right I registered this morning. Fun stuff. Not! Hopefully I do well so I don’t have to take it again in August. So let the week of studying every free moment (that isn’t already spoken for) begin! (This also means that at least for a while after I tell you all how I did I won’t be talking about the GRE, which makes me very excited! and probably you too)

VBS at my church is coming up! This year I am teaching the 4 and 5 year olds! I’m super excited about it. There are some awesome little kiddos in that age group at our church and I hope some other little kiddos who don’t go to our church can come too! I am excited to love on these little guys and gals for the week and teach them about Jesus! It is going to be a great week!

Youth Summer Camp days have officially been set! We are going July 2nd-6th to Florida! I am excited for camp. I’m excited for the Lord to work in the youths lives who go!

I’m also excited about camp for more selfish reasons like this:

Yup camp is by the beach. And I’ll get to spend time on it :). And I’m pretty sure it will look similar to that picture. And I’ve never been to Florida. Awesomeness! Can’t wait! (You know you are jealous!)

Well, I guess that’s it for my 50th post. Catchya Later!


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