Non-Letter Friday

So instead of doing the Friday’s letters link-up this week as I had planned on, I decided to do a regular ol’ blog post. Aren’t you excited? Haha it’s ok I’ll be excited for you! So here is my week in recap post-

Beach!- It was a blast (I kept waiting to post about this because I wanted to add a picture but kept forgetting to upload the pictures onto my computer). We got there around 10:45 I’d say. And we headed out to beach access #16. We spent a couple of hours there playing in the water, the sand, and ate lunch. It was awesome! Went over to the State Park to rinse off and change. Then headed into town to go The Strand and walk around. We ate dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf. I got clam chowder in a bread bowl! It was delicious! Finally got home around 8:30pm (I think). All in all a wonderful day!

Aloe Vera Gel- Has been my best friend all week. You see, my shoulders got a little burned at the beach (and by a little I mean a lot). So I have proceeded to use half of my bottle of Aloe Vera Gel on my shoulders this week. This morning I switched to the Aloe Vera Lotion (my shoulders have been to tender to rub in lotion until this morning). But before you go all crazy on me for using half a bottle of aloe vera gel on my shoulders alone in 3 days, I will have you know my shoulders are peel-age free! That’s right, that bad sunburn I got at the beach is now just a beautiful tan!

Math- So as I am studying for the GRE I have started to find my love for math yet again. I used to love math! But then I didn’t take a math class, or haven’t done any math really for the last 4-5 years give or take, and I forgot how to do a whole lot of things, so I didn’t really love it anymore. But I have been going through my GRE study book on the math portion and am being reminded of lots of things I have forgotten and realizing how fun it is again! (I know I’m weird)

Music- I have added two new songs that I absolutely love. I still am addicted to Eyes Open and Because of Your Love. But I have added Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade and She Is Love by Parachute. You can listen to them here and here. Both of these songs played on my Boyce Avenue Pandora playlist a couple of months ago. And a couple of days ago I had my iTunes open and saw that I had downloaded them (I had forgotten that I did). And since then I have been listening to them, Eyes Open, and Because of Your love a whole lot!

Honey Nut Cheerios- I apparently have eaten one too many Honey Nut Cheerios. Because yesterday I had brought them for breakfast (like I have for the past 2-3 weeks) and I could not eat them. I would put a couple in my mouth and I seriously would start gagging. They had kind of been like that on Wednesday as well. So yesterday when I had wanted them in milk (I usually eat them dry) I decided to try out a couple dry just to see if I would gag. And I did. So I didn’t go down to the cafe and get milk. So maybe that’s why I was gagging so bad, because I wanted milk not just dry. Or maybe I’m just really tired of them, I mean 2-3 weeks is a long time to eat them everyday for breakfast.

So there ya go. That’s pretty much been my week


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