Buckling Down

I did the unthinkable! (ok, ok it’s probably not the unthinkable to anyone other than my coworker Clara, and me)… Instead of reading on my lunch hour I studied for the GRE… 😮 Crazy talk, I know!! (By study I mean reviewed the 50 words I knew and learned 20 new ones)

Pretty much 99% of the time my lunch hours are spent by reading while eating, and then when I finish eating just plain reading. The only time I don’t is when we randomly go out to eat, or if I forget my book, and occasionally I’ll catch up on a tv show. But mostly it’s just reading. And when I first started “studying” for the GRE again I wasn’t giving up my lunch break to it, I was just going to study at night.

But well…. I haven’t been very good at studying at night. And I want to take the test on June 12th. Which is not very far away. So as the header of this post suggests I am buckling down and hard-core studying. (Hopefully) Actually scratch that hopefully part, I am doing it! No if and’s or buts about it.

It’s going to take discipline, which lately I have been lacking. Like a whole big great deal! But I’ve been praying about that and have asked others to pray as well. And the Lord is so gracious and has already started answering my prayers and the prayers of those praying for me. Because to be honest I really didn’t want to study on my lunch. I have a book in my desk that is next in line to read and I would have preferred to read that instead of studying. But I didn’t.

I am so thankful that the Lord chooses to work in my life. Not just through silly things like giving me discipline to study for the GRE, but in big important ways too. He speaks through His word, and guides me where He wants me. He bestows love and blessings on me and takes care of my every need! His spirit convicts me of my sin and calls me to repent and turn from it and back to Him, where he graciously awaits me. It’s just that seeing Him work in the silly insignificant things reminds me of how much He loves and cares about me. Even to the smallest insignificant detail He works everything out according to His will for GOOD!


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