Push Yourself

So you know those times when you go to the gym and you are still sore from your previous workout? And how usually that makes it so you have to push yourself twice as hard so you still get a good workout? Yes, that was me this morning. I stepped up to, and started on, the elliptical and my muscles were immediately burning. Which meant I did not want to push myself to keep my strides/minute at a decent pace. And by the 15 minute mark I was ready to call it quits. But I didn’t, I made it to my 35 minute mark, but then did an extra minute to get to 3.1 miles total, all the while keeping my pace up.

So it was a good work out today and I am glad I pushed myself (even if my legs are way tired now). I rewarded myself with some chocolate milk and a tanning session! I know I know I should have just laid out in the real sun. But I needed to go over my Sunday School lesson, and read a chapter in a book I’m going through with my Bible Study partner. And I didn’t know how long those two things would take. So tanning bed it was, for 13 whole minutes. It was wonderful 🙂

But I just finished doing both my lesson and reading my chapter! Boo-ya! But it is only 2:45 and now I don’t know what to do with the rest of my day… I should probably shower since I smell like sweat and tanning lotion (not a good combo btw, gross I know). But that will take 15 minutes tops. Then what?


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