Dry Like The Desert

Well, while I was in Vegas, I realized that my skin has officially adapted to the Texas heat and humidity. Vegas is hot, but it’s very dry (duh, it’s in a desert). So while I was there my skin looked like aligator skin because I forgot my lotion.

But the worst part was my nose took a huge beating while being there. My allergies had been acting up a bit before I left, so my nose was snotty of course. And with it being so dry there the inside of my nose dried out and was cracking and felt terrible. Like I had huge boogers blocking my nostrils when in fact I did not. (I know probably T.M.I).

I thought a day or so after I got back my nose would be back to normal. But alas it is still healing 3 days later. Poor little nose, I hope you get better soon.


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