Short Letters

Dear Lord- Thank you for your unfailing love, grace, and forgiveness even though I don’t deserve it ever. And thank you for continually working in my life.

Dear Friday- I can’t believe you are already here. With the exception of yesterday this week flew by.

Dear Flight to Vacation Tonight- I hope you are a smooth ride. I plan to learn at least 20 GRE vocab words on you tonight. And considering you are a 3 hour flight, let’s make that at least 40 words. I know I’m dreaming big!

Dear May Year 2012- Where in the world have you gone? Seriously it seems like you just started yesterday. And you are already almost half over.

Dear Camera- Please work for me this weekend and not give me any problems.

Dear Texas- I’m a fan of your existence!


One thought on “Short Letters

  1. oh I bet you are mid-flight right now! have so much fun! loved your letters, especially the first one! thanks for linking up with me this week!


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