Dear Friday

Dear Lord- Thank you for sustaining me through this week, and helping me to focus a little more on you and less on myself. Please help me to continue this and put even more focus on you.
Dear GRE- The next time I take you I will rock you! (Well, maybe). Consider this your warning.
Dear Nerves- I am playing the drum kit on Sunday not just the Cajon, it would be great if you could work yourself through my system before then.
Dear Insiration for Blog topics- Please come back to me soon. I kind of miss you.
Dear NCIS- I am excited for your season finale next week!
Dear Madtown Friends- I miss you like a whole lot! Thanskgiving can’t come quick enough!


One thought on “Dear Friday

  1. oh man the gre was rough for me too!! and i love that the Lord was the first on your list of letters 🙂 and also that the post before was called “break my heart for what breaks yours”

    found you via the newlywed link up!

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