Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours

In the last couple days I have found a new song that I absolutely love. You can listen to it here (notice I learned how to hyperlink words, pretty cool huh? :)). It’s called “Eyes Open” and it’s by Taylor Swift. It’s on The Hunger Games soundtrack. Like “I Won’t Give Up” I think this song struck the fighter chord in me. But again I don’t know why I like it I just do. I listened to it on repeat the entire time I was at the gym Sunday night (which was around 45 minutes).

Now I in no way, shape, or form like The Hunger Games. I dislike the entire premise of it. I’ve been saying this since I found out what it was about, without even reading one page or seeing the movie. So many people have told me the books are sooo good, the movie was good, the stories are so good. But I just kept saying no I don’t want to read about, or watch kids fighting to the death for food for their district.

But on Saturday I started reading the first book. For a couple reasons. One being I was spouting off opinions about a book I haven’t even read. In a sense I was using a source I hadn’t actually read. Which one of my favorite Professors in college taught me was a big no no. How could I know if I was representing my intellocuter well if I didn’t actually know what they said? So I am reading it so I can represent the source well. Another reason is I work with youth and this book is very popular among them, so I want to know what they are reading. The third reason is what sealed the deal on me reading the book now. My best friend Normy has started reading and said we should read some books together. And since she was already reading the first Hunger Games book, and I was wanting to read it for the reasons above it gave me the extra motivation I needed to open the book up and start reading.

I have a little over 100 pages left in the first book. I still don’t like the premise. The first 7 or 8ish chapters were real rough for me. But I powered on through. It got a little better, but only because the main character Katniss is a likeable character. And she hates the premise of it all as much as I do. But that is only making it slightly bearable to read.

Because I don’t like it so much, I decided to put some thought into why I feel that way. It’s kid’s fighting to the death for entertainment. Which I don’t think is healthy entertainment. But that’s not where my extreme dislike comes from. And to be honest I don’t know if “extreme dislike” are the right words to use. I’ve realized that it’s more my heart breaks that this is the entertainment we are choosing, that our kids and youth are choosing than “extreme dislike”. It also breaks my heart that things like the hunger games have happened in our world, and in all honesty could happen again in the future. It breaks my heart that we as people could stoop so low and turn away from the Lord so much that we want to watch kids fight to the death. Now I know in the books, most of the districts dislike the hunger games, they don’t want their kids to be tributes and fight to the death. But the people in power, the people in the capital love the games, bet on the tributes, and use it all as entertainment. And it breaks my heart.

Our lost and dying world, all the people who will spend eternity apart from the Lord, breaks my heart. They don’t have to be lost and dying, they don’t have to spend eternity away from the Lord. We have a PERFECT LOVING SAVIOR! One who loves us enough to come to this earth to die for our depravity, our sins. One who bridged the gap we couldn’t bridge ourselves because He wants to spend eternity with us! Because He doesn’t want us to spend eternity without Him.

Now I understand that the book is a work of fiction. And I’m not trying to be all holier than thou. And I’m not saying if you read them you are not Christian. I’m reading them myself. The books, the movie, the hype all just made me realize how much my heart breaks for all the lost people in the world. And opened my eyes to catch a glimpse of how the Lord sees them. And my prayer is that the Lord would continue to open my eyes to that, and that I would allow Him to use me to help Him bring a lost and dying world to salvation.


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