It’s Official

I, Juliann, bought a dress, not for a dance, a wedding, an event, etc, but simply because I wanted it. WHAT?

I know crazy right?…

I have been a tom boy my entire life. Wanted to be outside all the time, playing sports, getting dirty. I wanted nothing to do with girly clothes, make-up, hair, accessories, etc. And though people told me I would grow out of it and would start to like girly things I never thought it would happen. I mean I didn’t stop wearing my brothers old clothes until high school, when I finally started wearing girls jeans instead of sweats.

I turned a little more girly after high school, while in college. But not by much. I wore girl clothes (for the most part, minus my board shorts in the summer because the girl ones where never long enough). I wore make-up occasionally, did my hair cute occasionally, but would only really dress up for events, parties, weddings, etc.

It’s been like that until the last couple weeks. Where I have to admit, I’ve gone girly. It’s weird. I want to wear cute girl clothes, want to get accessories to wear with them, want to dress cute at work and accessorize. (I don’t wear make-up every day but that’s just because I’m still too lazy to put it on in the morning) And I bought a dress as I stated above… I don’t know what to do with myself at the moment.

I’d like to blame it on my best friend Normy. Because she convinced me to cut my hair short. And since my hair is short and cute, I’ve been wanting to dress cute to match. And from there it has spiralled. So if it weren’t for Normy convincing me to cut my hair I wouldn’t have turned girly girl.

But in all honesty, it was coming on before I cut my hair. Cutting my hair was just the first step I took in allowing my girlyness to come to fruition. So I can’t really blame Normy for it. (Normy you are off the hook ;))

So it’s official, I have turned girly, just like all those people told me I would when I was younger. I think I put up a good fight though!


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