Went to this resale shop called The Guild today. It is a pretty awesome place. They have lots of fun stuff to look at and buy. I was not planning on buying anything because the place was pretty busy and the line to purchase was super long and we were just there on our lunch hour. But Lynne decided to buy something so I figured since we were already standing in line for her I could buy something too.

Which was excellent because they had cast iron skillets for sale there. For very good prices. And they were very nice used ones. And I have deer steak in my freezer that I have been wanting to cook but haven’t yet because I really wanted to cook it in a cast iron skillet but did not have one. So I bought one! It was $15, and now I own my very own cast iron skillet. So excited. Also super excited to cook my deer steak in it and eat it!

I think I have decided to retire my Hume Lake HPI bracelet. I really don’t want to… But… it is looking a little ratty, and everyone keeps telling me it’s going to die soon. And since I had to take it off to get paint out of when my lovely roommate painted me (it was probably warranted for her to paint me since I had painted her (3 times), and I’m pretty sure I made some comment to deserve it as well) I figure I will just leave it off… But my wrist feels naked…. I need another bracelet to wear in its place… Since after all I’ve had that bracelet on for 7 years, and very rarely took it off.

Also I have been dreaming non-stop every night for the past month… Kind of getting old at this point. Especially since at least one of those dreams every night has been one where I’m running, or hiding, or trying to escape from someone who is trying to kill me. BUT last night for like the first time in this last month, I did not have one of those dreams! PTL!!

I guess that’s all the random I have in my life right now… Maybe I’ll think of something cool to blog about soon!


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