It Is Well With My Soul

Ok so as you know I have been addicted to Pinterest for awhile now. And I have made my second (technically third) thing from there. The first being the horses wrapped in maps for my roommates birthday. The technically second is the mantel (but my roommate did most of the work on it, and the mantel is adapted from several different pins, so doesn’t really count. And the real second is what I’m about to show you.

First let me show you the inspiration.

I do not know how this lady did hers, but I thought I would give it a shot.

For mine I painted my canvas purple with some silver glitter in it. Then I have these punch out card stock letters. So I glued (with mod podge) those onto the painted purple canvas. Then I painted the turquoise color over the purple and glued on letters. And I added in some silver glittery markings. Then it was time to peel the letters off so the purple would show through saying “it is well with my soul”. Well my letters did not want to come off. The top part would come off leaving the letter white. I tried using a knife (almost putting a hole in the canvas 🙂 ) to peel the letter off but didn’t work and when it did it took off the purple paint as well. So I decided to leave the letters white and just take off the top part that was coming off. After I got all of those off I used white paint to touch up the areas I had scratched off the letters with the knife. And here is the finished product 🙂

I like it a lot! And am excited to hang it in my room (somewhere…)


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