So you know those times when you ask the Lord why something is happening or not happening in your life, or when you ask Him why you are feeling a certain feeling, and He puts His arm around you and says “It’s because of you (as in your choices and actions, or lack of choices and lack of actions)”?

This past week I’ve had a lot of those moments with the Lord. They haven’t been very fun, to say the least. But I know they were definitely needed. And it’s not the first time the Lord has revealed these things to me. Which leads to a little discouragement, because I didn’t learn before, even though I thought I had.

But the Lord is so good and He doesn’t leave me in that discouragement. I am so thankful for this. I am thankful that He continually wants to work in my life, and doesn’t leave me in despair. Every time He gently reaches His hand out for me to take saying “Let’s try this again, Trust in Me!”


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