Why hello there. I think it is mighty time to update ya’ll don’t you? Yes, glad to see you agree…

Well life for me in the last week and a half has been very very good, but very very exhausting at the same time. But the Lord has so very graciously given me the strength to make it through, and I can’t thank Him enough for that.

So the Rodeo Run (5k) was a blast. And I ran two miles of that 5k without my knee brace, woah! It was awesome. And my wonderful roommate was a great encourager. Both times I started to walk she would say no keep going and so I only walked for about 15 seconds both those times. We hung out at the post-race party for awhile, walking around getting free stuff and taking pictures with a longhorn named Freckels.

That evening we went out to dinner at Red Robin and then went to the Horse Races. I had never been to Horse Races before. And it was a blast. I didn’t bet. By my roommate did on one race and won $11 and then her friend bid on a couple different races and won $134. So it was a very good night.

This past weekend was our Diciple-Now retreat for our youth. We partner with another church and put on a weekend in-town retreat, where the youth stay at church members homes for the weekend. We have 4 sessions in the home, and 3 sessions at the church. I was the girls leader again this year (meaning I teach the 4 home sessions, this year it was technically only 3 and then for the 4th we made our own communion bread and took communion). So like any retreat you are up late and up way early. I did get tired but I kept leaning on the Lord to guide me through.

This years theme for D-now was “Pause.” Based on Psalm 46:10 “Cease striving and know that I am God. I will be exaulted among the nations, I will be exaulted in the earth.” We wanted to share the importance of daily taking time to spend with the Lord, and the reasons why we need too, why we should, and giving them some ideas on how to do it.

I was very excited about this theme. Want to know why? Here is why: because this is the very thing the Lord and I have been working on lately. I have known the importance of why we need to why we should spend time with Him all that for awhile. But I had been failing at actually doing it seriously for awhile. And the Lord had been convicting me of it as of late. So I had started to seriously work at not failing at it. Then it happened to be the theme of the weekend. God is so good!

Then Monday night my roommate and her friend and I went to the Rodeo! It was a blast. We got there early and walked around the livestock show looking at all the animals and taking pictures with them. Then we got some very tasty food and ate it while walking over to the arena. They had roping, team roping, bucking horse riders, saddle bucking horse riders, bull riders, they had a calf scramble, chariot racing, barrel racing, and Mutten Busting, all before the concert. Mutten Busting was by far my favorite. It’s where little four, five, and six year olds are put on top of sheeps and the sheep takes off running and the kids try to stay on as long as possible. It is sooo cute! And Eli Young Band put on a pretty good show.  All in all a very good night! (I will be posting pictures on facebook probably on Thursday, I was too tired to do it last night).

In other news, I had asked my parents to send me 2 of my cymbals so I could use them in church when I play my cajon. And instead of just sending the 2 cymbals now and other stuff later (because I probably would have asked for it sooner or later), they took my entire set down to Bently’s (an awesome drum shop in Fresno) and had them send it all to me! Crazy huh!

So after church on Sunday I opened all the boxes and set some of it up. So now set up I have my hi-hat, one of my crash cymbals, my ride cymbal, and my snare. I kept my base kick pedal out as well. But that is because Matt had sent me a link to a youtube video of the band Boyce Avenue (they are amazing, and I am a fan of them now). The drummer in the video Matt sent me was playing a cajon and he thought I would enjoy seeing it. I also clicked on another one of Boyce Avenue’s video (it was a cover of Vannessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”) and in it the drummer is using a kick pedal to hit a tamborine that is mounted on a stand. And I thought it was a pretty genious idea, so we eventually will get that going on. But for now I am just having the kick pedal backwords so it hits the cajon for the base sound. I’ll post a picture on facebook of it all tonight (forgot to take one on Sunday).

So that has been my life recently. I finally got to work out yesterday (hadn’t done anything since the race). I ran 2 miles like it was nothing, and lifted some weights with my legs. It felt so good. I also am a little less exhausted as I have been trying to catch up on my sleep. But I still have a massive headache plaguing me. It started Friday night I think. It does go away, like when I take some Ib in the morning after I eat, but then around 2 or 3 in the afternoon it comes back so I take more Ib and it’s usually good until the next morning when it comes back again. Kinda weird.

I don’t have anything else fun planned until I don’t even know when. So should be able to finally catch up on sleep and not be exhausted anymore. Yay! And I’ll leave you with this:

10 Days Until St Patrick’s Day!



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