So awhile back I found my dream mantel. It was from pottery barn and like $400 (I tried to find a picture but they no longer have it on their site bummer). So I ruled it out straight away. But then after talking to my friends here decided with their help I could make it. Well I realized last weekish that it was probably never going to happen. Because a) I’m super busy, and they are super busy and b) I’m lazy and probably wouldn’t ever make it in the free time that I have. So a friend from church had told me awhile back she had a mantel in her attic that I could have if I wanted it. So I took her up on her offer! And now the mantel is sitting in our apartment not put up yet. But it will be soon! (maybe 🙂 )

I know when I got my window for Christmas I posted on facebook what I was going to do with it and explained my idea for the mantel. But I thought I would blog about it more in depth and put some pictures to give you the full picture.

My obsession with having a mantel came from pinterest. I kept seeing all these cute mantels and things put on them that I decided we needed on in our apartment.

Then I found these bottles that were wrapped in yarn with flowers in them (I could not find the exact pin but I found this similar one minus the flowers)
Pinned Image
And I thought how cute would that be on a mantel. Way cute. So that is what I’m doing. Althought my bottles will not all be the same size and I will have some mason jars added in as well. They won’t all be wrapped in yarn, some will be wrapped in jute. And we will have some cute flowers sticking out of them.

And then of course we will have the window (which is already hung up! My wonderful roommate holding up the mantel so I could take a picture to show how cute it is going to look).

I’ve been thinking about the window lately. And wondering whether or not to put something behind it or on it or whatever. I have seen some cute things on pinterest. like these
Pinned Image


Pinned Image
(I really like the stick wreath, but I would want some other kind of design with sticks, not just a wreath, if I were to do that)


Pinned Image

There are so many cute ideas out there. And I can’t decide. So I guess I haven’t found the one that screams to me and says hey do this! So if I ever find that one I will post about it. But for now my window will stay plain cute on the wall.

So there you have it the apartment mantel project 🙂


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