Lack of Blog

Hey Ya’ll. Sorry for the lack of blog lately. I’ve been trying to think of something to blog about since nothing is really new in my life. But I haven’t been able to come up with anything. I even searched on google a bit and still didn’t find anything. Ok let me rephrase that, I found lots of ideas, but none that I wanted to blog about.

Since I don’t know what to blog about still I figured I could at least put some countdowns up. So here goes…

9 Days until the 5k race (yikes for sure won’t be running all 3.1miles)
14 Days until D-Now (it is an in-town retreat for our youth group)

There is one more countdown that I started today… And well, I think it needs a little prefacing, because it’s not just any countdown. Now if you know me and know today’s date and put a little thought into it you may be able to know what countdown I’m talking about. Usually I start the countdown much much sooner than right now. I usually start it at the first of the year, sometimes even sooner than that, just depends. But I really don’t start keeping track every day until about now.

This countdown is one of my favorite countdowns every year. (Another hint to figure out which countdown it is, I do it every year). It is one of my favorites because it leads to one of my favorite things. It also means the start of wearing a certain color. (That hint probably gave it away, if you hadn’t already figured it out). So with out further ado (or any more prefacing, since you probably all already know what countdown I’m talking about) here is the countdown….


Oh how I love St. Patrick’s Day!


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