Stubborn And A Little Crazy

So I’ve been back from vacation for a while now (5 days) and have had plenty of time to update the blog… So why haven’t I until now? Because of one simple reason that is showcased in the title. I’m stubborn and a little crazy…

Why you ask? Well because after I published my last post I saw that wordpress had updated itself again (something is different everytime I publish a new post). This time I did not like their update. They usually send you to a page that says what post number this is and how many words and all that fancy stuff to spur you on in blogging. Well this update set a goal for me. It said this is your 23rd (I believe 23rd might be 22nd) post next goal is 25 posts.

Now that may not seem like anything special, or anything to care about. But I’m a little crazy sometimes and it bothered me (not really but kind of). I started thinking why 25 posts? Why not 24? Why are you even giving me a goal? What happens if this post I just published was my last because I died the next day? It would just be one more goal I didn’t accomplish. (See where the “and a little crazy” comes from, for reals who cares about a silly blog site setting goals for you, is it even a goal that matters in life? No not really).

But I’m also a little stubborn, and detest other people setting goals for me. And I tend to rebel when other people set goals for me. Hense me not wanting to blog after I got back from vacation. The stubbornness coming out “Hah I will show those wordpress people, psh setting goals for me, well I’m not going to blog so I will never reach that goal! hah!” (Again the “and a little crazy” coming through with the stubbornness 🙂 )

Ok, ok, I am exaggerating just a bit. I am stubborn and a little crazy and didn’t actually like that it set a goal for me, but it’s not like it was earth shattering, or bothered me like crazy. It bothered me for about 4 seconds and then was over it.


So my trip, was amazing. It was a great week in the sun, with my dad and brother. I did not get on facebook once the entire week, and left my phone in the room pretty much everyday (sent a few text messages but not many, and a 2 days I used my phone as an ipod by the pool). So it was an actual vacation. It was wonderful.

We would get up around 8 ish and eat some breakfast on the balcony watching the whales (we had gotten some muffins and stuff from walmart when we first got there) and then put on our suits and sunscrean and head out to lay by the pool. The hotel has a restaurant right by the pool so around 12-1 we would each lunch in the shade of the palapa. Then we would go back out in the sun till around 530 when the sun was hidden behind the next hotel.

We would then go up to the room and shower and dressed, then hang around watching the sunset from the balcony, play cards, or whatever till we were ready to head out to dinner. We went out to dinner every night at different places, and let me tell you the food was amazing! I ate way too much every night! A couple of the nights we stayed out pretty late.

One of the mornings we went out whale watching on a pirate ship. We saw 5 or 6 whales and they got super close to them. It was awesome. Also one of the whales breached right in front of the boat, but we didn’t see it because we didn’t turn fast enough and the view was partially blocked anyways, but we saw the after splash of it. After whale watching my dad and I were going to go parasailing, but I got a little seasick and was done with boats so we didn’t go.

So yes, wonderful weather, great pool, awesome food, and amazing company!


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