Write It Out

So I’ve been having trouble getting motivated to sit down and write out my essays for my grad school applications. And I’m pretty sure it’s because it involves using my voice, and that freaks me out.

I also have been wanting to post a new blog for awhile. My last one was lame and before that was a bit ago. I just haven’t been able to come up with anything I want to blog about. I start blogs about the recent days or whatever and I just think these are boring why would anyone want to read it. So I don’t post it.

So these may see like completely unrelated topics to you. But when I combine them together there is only one solution. And that is to take one of my professors from college advice and “Write it out”. I figure if I can just get some of the reasons why I want to go into counseling out of my head I will then be more apt to write my essay about those very same reasons. So I apologize if this blog is jumpy, or parts don’t make sense, or does not flow. It is just simply me trying to get the reasons onto “paper”. So here goes…

Chap Clark wrote a book called Hurt and it was about the systemic abandonment of today’s youth. They are being forgotten and not cared for, and treated like they are good for nothing. They aren’t getting the love they need to become healthy, functioning adults. (I know this is not true of all youth, but it is for a lot). I think this is where youth ministries can come in and have a profound effect in the lives of teenagers. And I love working in youth ministries and getting to invest in the lives of adolescents. But I want to go a step deeper with them. I want to help them learn how to process emotions, process hurts, and tragedies, good times and bad. I know first hand how easy it is to hide the real feelings, the real hurts, the big stuff. There is an attitude out prevalent out there that says they are just teenagers they will get over it, or they are making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. And I understand that that is true in some cases. But what about the cases where that isn’t true, that it is actually scarring them emotionally and causing trama in their brain? What about the kid who feels things deeply but doesn’t know how to process those things and is told stop being a baby? What about the alcoholic families where they are taught don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel. What about all those? That is where my passion lies, in helping these kids. Helping them learn it is ok to feel, but teaching them how to process through all of their emotions in a healthy manner. I want to be someone who teaches them how to use their voice in a healthy way.

I was once anti-counseling. I didn’t like the idea of it, I didn’t want to go and share about my life. I thought it was crazy. Why would you go unload all your problems onto someone else. So when my world crashed around me while I was at Multnomah, and someone suggested counseling I had said heck no. At the time the muck and hurt, and whatever else was better than going to counseling. Then the RD at the time, a good friend of mine, went at it from a different angle and challenged me to go 3 times. So I did. And I kept going. And I saw the amazing impact it had on my life. And it opened my eyes to see the profound impact counseling could have on a lot of peoples lives. I saw the Lord working through different approaches, different theories. And it amazed me. It stirred something in my heart.

I have a passion for youth ministry, and the more and more I learn about counseling the more and more it defines the passion for youth ministry. This is where my passion lays.

Psychology intrigues me plain and simple. The brain is an amazing thing. It works it some crazy ways. The way it processes information intrigues me. The way we can reprocess information through different approaches in psychotherapy and other theories. I’ve seen it work, I’ve read examples of things working. I want to learn more about it. So why not go to school and get a masters degree it in. Why not learn about it in a classroom where I can discuss theories with professors and class mates and bounce ideas off of people who are studying the same thing, who have studied the same thing.

I believe that the Lord works through counseling and psychology approaches. I see where there are problems with psychology and christianity. I see where the fear of humanism slips in. I see how the glory can be taken away from the Lord in certain practices. But I also see that some of those same approaches if steered toward the Lord in the end instead of the person can be extremely glorifying to the Lord and extremely healing and helpful to the person. I understand that on this side of heaven we will never be completely healthy functioning bodies, that is the result of sin. But the Lord doesn’t want us to stay in our unhealthy ways, he wants us to move toward being healthy not sinning beings. In the face of all of the tragedy and the dark world we live in, people need healing. Ultimately that healing comes from the Lord, but he uses different venues to bring about that healing. Him working through counsling and psychology venues amazes me. And the more he teaches me about my passions the more and more it lines up with Him working through this area.

There probably are more reasons why I want to go into counseling but I am stopping here. If you have read all the way through, then I am impressed and thank you. Thank you for allowing me to just write it out in a blog, when I simply could have used a word document as well.


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