Happy Birthday Normy

Today is my best friends 23rd Birthday! I can’t believe we are 23 already. Seems like just yesterday we were in elementary school and singing “What’s My Age Again” by Blink 182 on my parents porch, wondering what it would be like to be 23. Normy this post is for you. These are some of my favorite memories of our friendship. (Well ok everything has been my favorite, but writing every memory would be pages and pages!)

I love New Years Eve parties that we had. Even though it was usually just you, your sisters, your cousins steven and chris, and me. They were a blast, dancing to music, singing karaoke, watching New Years Rockin Eve With Dick Clark, and virgin margarita’s that I still wonder if they were actually virgin or not. And when midnight neared sitting down and sharing what we wanted to happen that next year. They were the bests New Years Eve’s ever! And I miss them terribly now we live far apart.

Squishymon! Water Balloons, Sharpie markers, tape, my parents drive way, grass, and basketball hoop, the road, and the little bushy area between your house and the Manos’ house. What fun we had testing our balloons and fixing them with tape and coming up with names for them once they passed all the tests. The funerals we would give when they would die.

Really summers in general were some of my favorite times, adding in blob football, pool time, car washes, ankle brea……. oh wait nevermind :), and countless Friday and Saturday nights spent at your house. Being woken up by Cecelia at 7am because she wanted chocolate milk or to watch cartoons!

All of our trips together! Our amazing week in hawaii, with our sun bathing, surfing, amazing chili cheese fries, grumps mcgee, creeps mcgee, hot spears guy, almost getting lost while taking the bus, and channel, oh wait I mean chanel. Our roadtrips to Portland and time spent together in Portland, camping trips to pismo, and our trip to San Fran and figuring out the bart! I can’t wait for your first trip to Texas!

Our skype dates, because we are both slightly awkward. Your awesome idea of figuring out how to take a picture together. And the fun times that ensue when we get together even through a computer connection! 

All the times that you have been there for me when life was hard. Through all of the boy drama through high school you were there. Through all of my family stuff you have been there. Through thick and thin you are right there. And even now that I live far far away and am not the greatest at keeping in touch, you are still there!

You really are the best and I hope your birthday is your best one yet!


One thought on “Happy Birthday Normy

  1. I love love LOVE this!! Thank you so much for making my birthday complete with these memories! I told you I knew I was going to cry when I read this =,) It brings a huge smile to my face to think back to those great times, but also makes me sad to think those are just memories now. Still.. the best thing about it is that no matter how long ago they happened, I know I will ALWAYS have you to share them with and to keep them alive. Plus, I know there are tons more to come even though we are 23 already (which seemed super old back when and which I never imagined us getting to) and even though we don’t live in the same state. I know you’ll always be my best friend and that we’ll always manage to make history together =) Love you!!!

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