This weekend my roommate and I went to Austin. We got up early Saturday Morning and drove over there. She drove, which was nice because that meant I got to sleep most of the way over there :). When driving through Texas you don’t actually have to worry about never having good tunes, well only if you like country that is. Because when one station starts to get fuzzy all you have to do is press seek and you will find another country station that isn’t fuzzy. It’s awesome! Also we stopped at a walmart on the way to get stuff for sandwiches for lunch and they were playing Christmas music, it was awesome! I loved it and sang along to all of the songs! It was great!

First stop was Hamilton Pool State park. It is very beautiful. So we hiked down to the pool (not much of a hike it was mostly flat and only .25 miles from where we parked) and it was a gorgeous hike. It is fall and so all the trees (that are still alive through this drought) have orange leaves and are gorgeous. The pool is pretty sweet. One side and the inside of a mountain (and by mountain it’s mostly a tall hill, I mean it’s Texas hehe) had caved in and it made this pool and cave like thing. It was very pretty in the fall, but I bet in the spring with flowers and pretty colors it would be amazing as well. So we spent some time walking around the pool taking pictures and then hiked back to the start of the trail. And took the other trail (0.6 miles down to the river) it was also a beautiful walk, again more fall trees :). We spent some time down by the river walking around and just enjoying being out in nature and not in the city. Then we hiked back to the car and made some sandwiches and sat on a bench and ate.

Then we headed into downtown Austin to go see the capital. It is very pretty and big (go big or go home right?). We walked around the grounds a big took some pictures and then headed inside. In the center dome part all along the walls are pictures of all of the previous governors. And every time a new one is no longer in office they rotate all of the photos clockwise. So they have three complete floor walls and half of the fourth floor walls. It is pretty sweet! And I would not want to be the one who had to rotate them all, would take forever! But then again maybe it wouldn’t be so bad because it’s not like they have to nail the nails and make sure they are all even height because that is already done… But still.

Anywho, we took a tour (it was a little lame, but got some cool historical information on Texas and the capital). Then we walked around the capital on our own. Seeing the House of Reps meeting room and the Senate’s meeting room. All the desks in the House of Reps are the original desks (they just have added phones and buttons and microphones to them).

After we finished inside we walked the grounds a bit more, went to the visitors center and got more information and learned more about the capital building itself and also the XIT cattle ranch.


As you can see the Texas Capital building is not white. Pretty sweet! When they remodeld it they used “Sunset Red” Granite (they referred to it as red dirt in some of the videos) for the outside. They were going to use limestone but decided to use the red dirt since it is everywhere in Texas.

After the capital we hit up the Cold springs Pool. It is naturally 68 degrees all year long. But people don’t dress too modestly there, and it just wasn’t that exciting.

Then we decided to drive over to UTA to see it. But couldn’t really find a place to park so didn’t walk around or anything. Just got out quickly to take a picture of the fountain and tower in the background.

Then we headed home. :). We will be going back in the spring hopefully to see Hamilton Pool Park with all the flowers and lush prettiness. Another thing we did not get to see (which I was not in the least bit bummed about) were the million bats that come out at sunset. The Congress Street bridge is apparently a perfect rousting spot for some kind of Mexican bat. And from March-early September the bats roust there and at dusk they all fly out to go hunting. And apparently it is a sight to see. I am not a fan of bats, I think they are nasty little creatures, so I was glad they were not there 🙂

In other news:

I will be home in 9 days… I can’t believe it is so soon already. I’m excited, but have a lot to get done before leaving (like making some Christmas presents, and buying some other ones).

My church has been doing this video testimony series, where they record people testimonies and then show them. And they asked me to share mine. So I recorded last Wednesday and I think they will be showing it this coming Sunday (not entirely sure though).

My work is having a thanksgiving lunch tomorrow. So I get yet another thanksgiving dinner :). Fine by me I love it!

I have watched Elf twice so far! And I will probably watch it a few more times. I love that movie. And I’m totally in the Christmas spirit already! And hopefully sometime this week I will make a Christmas playlist on my Ipod for when I am at work 🙂


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