I think I’m slipping back into the never posting blogs faze. Not because I want to. But mainly because there has been nothing new to report really. Life is still busy but it’s kinda the same routine busy that it’s been for awhile. So here I am powering through and trying hard not to slip into that faze again.

What’s new you ask? Grad school applications.

I took the GRE last weekend. I really don’t like that test, it’s mostly horrible. They have revised it since I took it last January. And I don’t know if I like it better. I halfway like it better. And by that I mean, they made the math sections harder (which seriously don’t know why they did that it was hard enough on the old test) and the english sections were easier but harder at the same time (how do they do that? well they take out the analagy questions and then separate your word banks so every question has really two questions within and you have to get both right). I like the new english section better minus the fact that they still use words that no one in their right mind uses in everyday language and dislike the new math section. (weird right usually I dislike english and love math).

And now it’s time to start the applications. Which stress me out to no end. Not because they are hard, but just because applying is stressful. Trying start my writing samples is stressful, worrying about whether they will be good is stressful. Figuring out who to ask to write my letters of rec is stressful. Worrying about whether or not I’m going to get accepted is stressful. And why am I stressing and worrying so much when I know I should just trust the Lord? Because I’m human, I want control of my life, and trust is hard.

Terrible reasons I know, and hopefully telling all of you that I’m not trusting the Lord will give me motivation to actually start trusting Him.

In other news I’m excited about this weekend. Friday night is worship practice because the “C team” is playing again on Sunday! Super excited about that! Saturday I’m going to Canton, which should be fun. Sunday I’m teaching youth sunday school again and then Church! and Life apps that night! And probably a nap in between those.

The following weekend on Saturday Lydia and I are getting up super early and heading over to Austin to explore for the day! Should be a blast. Then I’m teaching youth Sunday School again (3 weeks in a row!).

The weekend after that, the only thing I have planned so far is a hair cut (well really just a trim to the ends to make them healthy again) and church.

But the weekend after that….. I will be in CALIFORNIA!


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