Sunday Afternoons Are For Napping

So Sunday after church usually my Texas Family and I have lunch at either Lynne’s or Jess an Laura’s or sometimes we will go out. But after lunch it is totally napping time! Most of the time anyway sometimes there are parties to go to or things to do. But usually Jess watches football and us ladies watch it here and there while napping. It is always a bummer when Sunday passes and we don’t get a nap.

That is the case for me today :(. Not because there are things to do but simply because I couldn’t fall asleep. I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I had a coca cola for lunch. But I usually have tea and that has way more caffeine in it than a coke. Hmm. So its a bum deal, because I have a head cold and really wanted a nap. So instead of napping I watched the Texans vs Raiders game, and of course the Texans choked. I had a hard time choosing who to root for though because I like both teams of my own accord, and have for quite awhile (even if I didn’t pay attention to football for awhile). So guess who won out for my cheers today?

Yes you’re right The Texans! Hey what can I say, I’m a Texan now!

So this week was rather busy. Had two birthday’s to prepare for and work and two doctors appointments on top of everything else I do during the week. So it made for very little sleep (hence the head cold)… Anyways one of those birthdays was my roommates! And I tried my hand at my first ever (since I was a kid in grade school) handmade present. I got the general idea from and adapted it to fit Lydia’s style. So on pinterest you see alot of pins about wrapping hearts in maps and framing them. Well my roommate likes maps, so I thought that would be a cool idea. But I didn’t really like the heart action. So I started to think of what else she likes that I could wrap in a map and frame. And I came up with horses. So here is the finished product, I did one for Washington and one for Texas

I was so excited they turned out cute. So on all the examples of the hearts I saw they are wood hearts and they use a deep frame. But I couldn’t find any wood horses so I found some outlines of horses on google images that I liked, blew them up, and printed and then cut them out. I came up with the idea of using foam that you get in the kids craft section. I glued two pieces of that together to make it a little thicker. Then traced the outline onto the foam and cut it out. Then I placed the foam horses on the map with where she was from centered on the horse and then cut a big enough square out to be able to wrap the map around the horse. But then the wrapping action wasn’t working for me and I didn’t want to cut the map to be able to wrap it because I wouldn’t know where to cut it. So I just ended up holding the foam horse on there and cutting the map a little bigger than the foam so it wouldn’t show. Then I glued the maps to the horses using mod podge (or however you spell it). Before I glued the horses onto the cardstock I made sure it would all fit in the frame, turns out it was to thick. So I just took off one of the layers of foam and it worked perfectly. Then I glued the horses to the cardstock and put them in the frames and boom finished.

So there you go my first craft, and homemade present! And now I’m ready for my next project…. not to sure what it is yet. Oh and a update on my window curtains. I saw an idea on pinterest where they had taken a bunch of different fabrics and sewed squares of them together to make a curtain, and I thought it was sooo cute. And I totally liked that idea better than painting one because I wouldn’t know what to paint on one. But I can’t sew so that was a bum deal. But Lynne and Laura said they would teach me how to sew and help with making the curtain so it will get accomplished sometime soon hopefully hahaha.

Other random updates:
1. The 5k was so much fun and we ran the whole thing. We are going to do another one on February 25th and a bunch of people from my church are going to do it too!
2. I bought a mac and love it
3.  I’m officially allergic to dairy but they aren’t too worried about it turning into anaphylactic so I can take a zyrtec and have dairy occasionally in moderation

That’s all for now! Off to pick up some youth for our life apps study tonight. We are starting Experiencing God!


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