I don’t even know where to begin… My Birthday was fantastic! One of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had for sure. I celebrated my birthday for 3 days :). It aws quite fun and I recommend it to anyone with a birthday 🙂

So Saturday morning my roommate and I got up and had pancakes and sausage for breakfast (we might have had eggs too dont really remember). I love pancakes, no question about it! While we were cooking she proceeded to give me 4 gifts. A shirt from the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon, a Pomegranite and Acai alcohol thing that you just freeze and then enjoy, an actual Pomegranite, and a to go hot cup! All wonderful gifts :).

Then we packed up our swim suits, towells, sunblock, waters, some food, and the pup and headed out to Galveston! We went to the strand first because I wanted to walk around and look in some of the shops and I wanted to get a chai tea from the coffee shop down there. Super bummer though they were out of soymilk so I didn’t get one. Then we headed out toward the beach accesses and hit up #16, it looked good so we parked on the beach and got changed in the car. Then as we were setting up my roommate pulled out another gift, a beach chair! ya boy! So we put them out and then headed out into the water!

I love the ocean and riding the waves and just floating in the water, and the gulf is not freezing like the Pacific in California and Oregon, so you can just float around in the water riding the waves and be perfectly content :). After we had our fill of swimming we came back in and ate some sandwhiches and chips, and when we were almost finished I said “Oh we forgot to get dessert” and Lydia says “No I didn’t” and she goes into the ice chest and then disappears behind the car for a few seconds and comes out with a mini cake with a happy birthday thing on it and sings to me!

The rest of the day there I layed out in the sun to tan while she did homework, and we went into the water 2 more times. All in all a wonderful day at the beach!

After I got home and showered up I headed down to practice songs for Sunday morning worship. We went to dinner at Whataburger first! yum yum! Thanks Brian and Elyse for treating! Then we headed to the church and started practicing. And let me tell you, I can’t think of a better way to spend the ending of my birthday than worshipping the Lord! And we were practicing with Bryce on the guitar and Bryan singing and me playing the cajon. I love worship songs on guitar and Bryan’s voice is amazing. So it was just good! It was also fun to be able to rock out loudly!

I stayed the night at Lynne’s and when I was leaving for church I walk out side and she had set this up for me

And I totally loved it! Felt super special! Church was amazing and the Lord totally played through me during worship and it was an awesome experience. Then Jess, Laura, Lila, Lynne, and I headed to Lynne’s for a very tasty lunch! After lunch we all just hung around and napped 🙂 awesome way to spend a Sunday afternoon. And around 4:30 we started to fix dinner :). We were having a birthday dinner for me and a bunch of people from the church were coming. We made chicken keiv (one of my favorites) and corn and mashed potatoes and some other stuff that I didn’t eat :). Lynne also made me a marble cake (I really wanted a marble cake but they are a pain to make so I didn’t want to tell her that kind, but my awesome roommate texted them and told them I wanted marble, without me knowing). And she decorated it with turqouise-ish frosting (my favorite color!)

Lots of people came and ate dinner and hung out and made the evening super special! We played some catchphrase, watched some football, and had some good conversations. And they blessed me with amazing presents!

Monday night we had family dinner and we celebrated my birthday again. We had breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, and blueberry muffins. Again I love pancakes! mmm And again I was blessed with some awesome presents. Here’s a couple pictures to show you just how blessed I was!

and on the back of these Laura wrote “To remind you of where your from,” (the cali one) “and to remind you of where the Lord has brought you” (the texas on)

So like I said, an amazing birthday! I feel super blessed and loved for sure! Thank you again to everyone who made it special! Thank you Lord for blessing me with 23 years of life so far!


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