“What’s My Age Again”

Kudos if you get my reference in the Title.

Well I’m turning 23 tomorrow. And sometime this past week I was reminded of some memories from Portland. Before the start of a school year and on birthday’s we would always ask each other what 3 goals were for that year. Since I have been wanting to blog for the past couple days so I thought I would share my three goals for the year.

1. So according to the song I quoted in the title “No one loves you when you’re 23.” Now I know Blink 182 definitely does not write scripture and they probably do not even write truth. But hear me out. I have decided to make this next year full of love, more love than any year thus far has had. Not love for me but for other people. I want to strive to love the people God has placed and will place in my life with His love.

Now the song is not my only motivation to do this, it really isn’t any motivation it just is fun to quote since I’m turning 23. My real motivation is that I want to share God’s love with people. A love that has changed my life completely. A love that has taught me many things. And a love that sustains me through the toughest of times. I know that what I’ve gone through is nothing compared to what others are going through but I do know that the same love that got me through my stuff will get them through theirs and change their lives forever just like it changed mine forever. I want to share this love.

Awhile back a very wise woman in my life challanged me to live my life loving deeply and taking big risks. And so I have been trying to, not just because she challenged me but because the more the Lord lets me see of His plan for my life the more I see how these two things define it and the more I see how they already had defined it long before I met this woman. I’ve been doing pretty good at taking big risks with my life since then. But I haven’t been so good at loving deeply. To me that is a risk that cripples me with fear. But I don’t want to let that fear win anymore. Because it’s not about how I personally can love them but it is about how me stepping aside and letting God love them through me. And with that truth in mind why should I fear? 

2. Get accepted into a Master’s in Counseling program. This one doesn’t need much explaining I don’t think. I want to get my Master’s in Counseling, I want to start next August. I am applying, I would like to be accepted.

3. There is no #3. I’ve thought a lot about this. The first two goals popped out and I knew they were it. But coming to this third one no ideas did that. And any of the ones I thought of didn’t pop out and scream pick me. So I emailed Laura, one of my good friends over here in Texas, for help. She gave some ideas but again nothing stood out. Upon explaining this to her, she said “maybe the mental block is the Lord telling you those two things are what is important.” I hadn’t even thought of that until I read it. So I’m going to stick with just the two for now, if the Lord lays something on my heart in the next couple months or whenever I will for sure share it. But for now there is no #3 because after all (to quote Laura again) “Maybe this will be the year you do things not like you have always done them”


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